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About us
Austin L. Denyer is a State-certified Firearms Instructor. He is based in Prestonsburg, Kentucky (Floyd County).
Classes are held at the following location:
  • The Allen Convention Center. Map

There may be more locations coming soon.

    The next public class is scheduled for:
Unfortunately I have had a lot of no-shows recently. For example, the last public class on August 3rd I had 11 people scheduled for the class, and only 1 showed up. As a result, for the moment I am concentrating on private classes.

If you have a group then I may be able to travel to you, depending on the size of your group and the distance involved. Legally the maximum class size is 40 students, although I like to keep class sizes much smaller where possible. I find 12 to be a good number, and will not schedule more than 20. I would need a classroom large enough to house you all (bear in mind the classroom portion is about 7 hours, so you will each need room to sit, read / sign paperwork, as well as strip and clean your firearms) as well as room to set up a laptop and projector, and a suitable firing range. The range does not need to be large - no more than 5 students may be on the firing line at any one time anyway. Contact me for more information.

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